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Ay check: description and testimonials about glucometer AyChek

In order to prevent the development of diabetes mellitus and the formation of complications, diabetics should conduct daily blood tests for glucose in it several times a day. Since this procedure has to be done throughout life, people with diabetes prefer to use a special device for measuring blood sugar at home.

The meter is chosen in specialized stores, as a rule, I am guided by the main and important criteria - measurement accuracy, ease of use, cost of the device itself, as well as the price of test strips.

Today, a huge variety of blood glucose meters from various well-known manufacturers can be found on store shelves, which is why many diabetics cannot quickly make a choice.

If you examine the reviews left on the network by Internet users who have already purchased the necessary device, most modern devices have sufficient accuracy.

For this reason, buyers are also guided by other criteria. Compact dimensions convenient form of the device allows you to carry the meter with you in your purse, on the basis of which the choice of instrument is made.

The main advantages and disadvantages are usually identified during the operation of the device. Too wide or, on the contrary, narrow test strips cause inconvenience to some users.

They can be inconvenient to hold in their hands, and patients may also experience inconvenience when applying blood to a test strip, which must be carefully inserted into the device.

Also the price of the meter and test strips working with it plays a huge role. In the Russian market you can find devices costing in the range from 1,500 to 2,500 rubles.

If we consider that on average diabetics spend about six test strips per day, one container out of 50 test strips lasts no more than ten days.

The price of such a container is 900 rubles, which means that 2700 rubles are spent per month to use the device. If test strips are not available at the pharmacy, the patient is forced to use another device.

Features of Icheck blood glucose meter

Many diabetics choose Aychek from a well-known company DIAMEDICAL. This device combines special ease of use and high quality.

  • Comfortable shape and miniature size make it easy to hold the device in your hand.
  • To obtain the results of the analysis requires only one small drop of blood.
  • The results of blood sugar testing appear on the instrument display nine seconds after blood sampling.
  • The puncturer handle and a set of test strips are included in the meter set.
  • The lancet included in the kit is sharp enough that allows you to make a puncture on the skin as painlessly and easily as possible.
  • Test strips have a convenient large size, so it is convenient to install them into the device and remove them after the test.
  • The presence of a special zone for blood sampling allows you not to keep the test strip in your hands during the blood test.
  • Test strips are able to automatically absorb the required amount of blood.

Each new test strip case has an individual chip for encoding. The meter can save 180 latest test results in its own memory, indicating the time and date of the study.

The device allows you to calculate the average value of blood sugar indicators for a week, two weeks, three weeks or a month.

According to experts, this is a very accurate device, the results of analyzes of which are practically similar to those obtained as a result of laboratory blood tests for sugar.

Most users note the reliability of the meter and the ease of performing the procedure for measuring blood glucose with an instrument.

Due to the fact that during the study requires a minimum amount of blood, the procedure for blood sampling is carried out safely and safely for the patient.

The device allows you to transfer all the data analysis to a personal computer using a special cable. This allows you to enter indicators in a table, keep a diary on a computer and, if necessary, print out to show the research data to a doctor.

Test strips have special contacts that exclude the possibility of error. If you install the test strip in the meter incorrectly, the device will not turn on. During use, the control field will indicate whether enough blood has been absorbed for analysis by changing color.

Due to the fact that the test strips have a special protective layer, the patient can freely touch any zone of the strip, without worrying about the violation of test results.

Test strips are capable of literally absorbing all the volume of blood required for analysis in just one second.

According to many users, this is an inexpensive and optimal device for daily measurement of blood sugar. The device makes life easier for diabetics and allows you to control your own health in any place and at any time. With the same flattering words, you can reward the meter with your mobile phone.

The meter has a large and convenient display that shows clear characters, it allows the device to be used by older people and patients with vision problems. Also, the device is easily controlled using two large buttons. The display has a function for setting the clock and date. The unit of measurement is mmol / liter and mg / dL.

The principle of operation of the meter

The electrochemical method of measuring blood sugar levels is based on the use of biosensor technology. The sensor is the enzyme glucose oxidase, which carries out a blood test for its content of beta-D-glucose.

Glucose oxidase is a kind of trigger for the oxidation of glucose in the blood.

In this case, a certain current strength occurs, which transmits data to the meter, the results obtained and are the number that appears on the display of the device in the form of analysis results in mmol / liter.

Technical characteristics of Icheck blood glucose meter

  1. The measurement period is nine seconds.
  2. For analysis, only 1.2 μl of blood is required.
  3. Blood tests are conducted in the range from 1.7 to 41.7 mmol / liter.
  4. During the work of a glucometer the electrochemical method of measurement is used.
  5. The device memory includes 180 measurements.
  6. The device is calibrated for whole blood.
  7. To set the code used code strip.
  8. The battery used is a CR2032 battery.
  9. The meter has a size of 58x80x19 mm and a weight of 50 g.

Icheck blood glucose meter can be purchased at any specialty store or ordered online from a trusted customer. The cost of the device is 1,400 rubles.

A set of fifty test strips for using the meter can be purchased for 450 rubles. If we calculate the monthly cost of the strip stripes, we can safely say that Aychek reduces the cost of monitoring blood sugar levels when used.

Aychek is included in the package of a glucometer:

  • The device itself for measuring the level of glucose in the blood;
  • Pen piercer;
  • 25 lancets;
  • Coding strip;
  • 25 icheck stripes;
  • Convenient carrying case;
  • Battery;
  • Instructions for use in Russian.

In some cases, test strips are not included in the kit, so they need to be purchased separately. The storage period of test strips is 18 months from the date of manufacture with an unused vial.

If the bottle is already open, the shelf life is 90 days from the date of opening the package.

In this case, you can use glucometers without strips, the benefit of the choice of instruments for measuring sugar today is really wide.

Test strips are allowed to be stored at a temperature of 4 to 32 degrees, the humidity of the air should not exceed 85 percent. Exposure to direct sunlight is unacceptable.

User Reviews

Numerous reviews of users who have already purchased Aichek glucometer and use it for a long period indicate the main advantages of using this device.

According to diabetics, among the advantages can be identified:

  1. High-quality and reliable blood glucose meter from the company Diamedical;
  2. The device is sold at an affordable price;
  3. The cost of test strips differs in cheapness, in comparison with other analogs;
  4. In general, it is an excellent choice in terms of price and quality;
  5. The device has a convenient and intuitive control that allows you to use the meter for the elderly and children.

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